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September Game Donations - William Myers - 05-04-2015

Will Spite be offering the $10 for 1 XP for the September Game?

RE: September Game Donations - Ron Leota - 05-04-2015

No, the perks were a game one thing.

You can gain XP in the following ways:

Attend an event
NPC at the event for a patrol
Spend hive points to buy a point (1/event)

RE: September Game Donations - John Pariury II - 05-05-2015

Does NPCing garner XP, or does it garner hive points that can be spent on XP? I had interpreted this post to mean we essentially could only gain 2 XP between events - 1 from attending, and 1 from hive points.

RE: September Game Donations - Jimmy Hastings - 05-05-2015

The former, though they might end up giving extra Hive Points to people who did more NPC shifts (we recorded it, at least). So, you can at most gain 3 XP for each event: 1 for attendance, 1 for NPCing, 1 from Hive Points

RE: September Game Donations - David Rimple - 05-05-2015

I seem to recall reading that each hour of NPC was worth 1 Hive point. I also never saw anything about NPCing giving XP (only the Hive Points). Was this changed, or am I simply completely wrong about what I read?

RE: September Game Donations - Mr. F - 05-05-2015

David, its in the rulebook, page 8, "going on patrol"

"You will be compensated in and out of game for going on patrol. If you go on patrol at least once, you will receive an additional point of XP for the weekend. With each patrol, you will return to game with a small amount of credits and/or plot information"

RE: September Game Donations - Warren Sauby - 05-05-2015

I was under the impression that carpooling granted a xp point. I haven't seen an official post saying this, just second hand info.

RE: September Game Donations - Barbara Martin - 05-05-2015

Coming in from a different state granted an XP for the first game because a number of people couldn't make it in for the playtest. I do not believe the intention was to continue that for forthcoming games, but I may be wrong.

RE: September Game Donations - Ron Leota - 05-06-2015

The extra XP for carpooling from out of state or buying a plane ticket was intended to help those people who couldn't possibly make it to the playtests. It is not something that will be offered in the future. It was just to level the playing field a bit.

RE: September Game Donations - Eric Ingraham - 05-18-2015

Blast, I knew I should've donated even though I couldn't make Game 1.
That won't stop me from sticking money off to the side for later things.