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RE: September Game Donations - Josh Dillard - 05-19-2015

How do hive points work? I've seen them mentioned a few places but haven't seen any description of them on the site.

RE: September Game Donations - Mr. J - 05-19-2015

"Hive Points:
Hive points are a form of currency used on an OOG level for Spite. Hive Points are awarded to players and staff for their volunteerism and donations to the organization. Once awarded, hive points are not transferable, however, you can make donations or serve time on behalf of another party, so they receive the hive points. Hive points are awarded at the following rates:

1 Hive Point / $5 donation and/or 1 hour of service.

What can Hive Points be spent on:
Personal plot point. 10 hive points.
We will work with you to create a personal plot point for your character at the game. Note, this doesn't mean we won’t be running plot based off of character’s back stories, this just guarantees something special as a thank you for your donations and volunteerism.
1 extra experience point / event. 4 hive points.
You don't have to attend the event to get this experience point
Logistics grab bag. 5 hive points.
Grab bags will contain random items and other goodies for your character. The value of the grab bags will be generated randomly and they are meant to be a gamble.
Downtime response. 3 hive points
Between events you can send us a report on what your character is doing and we will write you a response that may contain special information for the upcoming event.
100 credits, limit 1,000 / game. 1 hive point."

As posted by Ron in the General Announcements under Hive Points

RE: September Game Donations - Barbara Martin - 05-21-2015

And if you wish to spend hive points, as of right now, you will need to send an email to logistics@spitelarp.com