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Logistics is Hiring - Barbara Martin - 06-02-2015


Freshly back from our hiatus, we at your local UEF logistics depot would like to inform you all that we are hiring. We are looking for a chosen few to join our ranks and bring order to the chaos that is this world.

I know a number of you have spoken to me about helping out, and I have completely forgotten who all of you who have done so are. So, if you are interested, please contact us once more at your convenience.

Qualifications include:
-An organized, logical sense for paperwork
-Reliability in the face of death and dismemberment
-Willingness to assist in the improvement of the experiences of others
-Patience when confronted with the raging beasts of war
-Knowledge of the system to some degree
-Basic computer skills appropriate to this day and age

Good But Not Required:
-Extensive knowledge of the physiology of slugs
-Willingness to give one's life for the lives of superior officers
-Fluency in at least three dead languages
-An exceptional sense of humour

Please contact your local UEF Logistics Officer (me) to express your interest.

Applications will be accepted until the end of June, and work begins around September 1.

Stay strong, contractors.

((Feel free to PM on the boards or send an email to logistics@spitelarp.com if you are interested. No resumes need be submitted.))

RE: Logistics is Hiring - Barbara Martin - 06-03-2015

To clarify, these are OOG positions. We're looking for Logistics help. Yeah. Party time. Should be WAY LESS COMPLICATED next event, as a bonus. Oh! And you get Hive Points! Yay!