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Game 2 Payments received - Matt Oostman - 07-04-2015


Thanks to everyone who Pre-Paid! Remember to Register in the Character Manager: web.spitelarp.com

We're received the following payments so far for Game 2 as of 8/14/15. Remember that you still need to Register with Logistics in the online Character Manager! Earlier registration is helpful for the Plot Team and reduces work on site!

Kirk S. (Friday Night)
John F.
Samuel A.
Ian P.
Alison B.
Elizabeth M.
Keegan G.
Brian H.
Ryan W.
Kyle E.
Zaz Y.
Joe H.
David R.
Vincent M.
Isaac H.
Alyssa L.
Michael M.
Cassie L.M.
Matt P.
Jeff K.
Craig W.
Erik S.
Camilla P.
Kyra B.
Dylan N.
Paul V.
Jessica R.
Nikita M.
Maggie R.
Dante A.
Brooks D.
Alex A.
Michael B.
Nataly S.
Brian J.
Rob B.
Warren S.
Jett C.
Jordan B.
Holly P.
Cody H.
Skyler S.
devlin a.
Michael D.
William M.
David P.
Conor T.
Jocelyn T.
Tabitha K.
aaron e.
Sulayman D.
Rachel F.
Stewart B.
Austin J.
William B.
Ken W.
Luke D.
Dalton D.
corey g.
Kyra B.
James Y.
wayne H.
michael d.
Broolyn S.
Steve W.
Aaron M. (paid by Kenneth C.)
Lucas T.
Shawn K.
Charles D.
Joey P.
Jesse S.
Reena M.
Joie S.
Chloe M.
Cindy H.
Jennifer J.
Eric E.
Eric E. (for Crystal?)
David C.
Jacob B.
Michael R. S.
Galen H.
Kevin S.
Alexander N.
Holly E.
Cody M.
Rolf S.
Jordan McF.
Jacob W.
Brian L,
Nathan H.
Brandon T.
Stephanie Y.
Mark G.
Nate B.
Adam F.
David H.
Frank D.
Manuel O.
Nat H,
Mike H,
Ethan T.
Roxy Anne S.
Connor P.
Sean Y. (Chantelle Y.?)
Alex B.
Tai K.
Carrie R

Below are people who have secured NPC slots:
Ron L.
Matt O. 
Kirsten O.
Jason W.
Rich H.
Jimmy H.
Barb M.
Carmen S.
Sori G.
Gabe DLA
Cassandra J.
Marc DA
Raissa DA
Katie B.
Mike L.
Jordan V.
Trish C. (Confirm, partial weekend?)
Evan R.
Dan S.
Benjamin T.
Queenie T.
Jordan G.
Taylor A. (partial weekend)
Missy (partial weekend)

Below are NPCs with payment received for the NPC Food plan:
Gabe DLA
Matt O.
Ron L.
Richard H.
Kirsten O.
Jason W.
Jordan V.
Jimmy H.
Evan R.
Cass J.
Ben T.
Queenie T.
Barb M.

Folks wanting in and bringing cash for foods:
Dan S.
Jordan G.

RE: Game 2 Payments received - Ron Leota - 07-31-2015

Updated as of now.

RE: Game 2 Payments received - Reena Mays - 08-01-2015

Ive paid! Paypal says ive paid, it went through! Sad

RE: Game 2 Payments received - Matt Oostman - 08-01-2015

I just updated the list with the master PayPal report because it looked like it had gotten a little messy with so many edits being consolidated. Reena, you're back on the list now, you might have gotten dropped during a posting. I tried to re-add everyone's name and notes about who they were paying on behalf of, but let me know if I missed one.

So that you don't need to go counting it up, it's 115 PCs, 19 NPCs as of 11:45am on 8/2. (115 PCs and 20 NPCs are our caps).

RE: Game 2 Payments received - Matt Oostman - 08-02-2015

Registration is currently closed!
More Site Announcements may be forthcoming!
Thanks to everyone who Pre-Paid! Remember to Register in the Character Manager: web.spitelarp.com

RE: Game 2 Payments received - Joey Porter - 08-12-2015

I prepaid and the character manager says im registered for game 2...but im not on this list.

RE: Game 2 Payments received - Matt Oostman - 08-13-2015

The middle initial on your Paypal account threw off the list, you're on there as Joey P. now!

RE: Game 2 Payments received - Joey Porter - 08-14-2015

Thanks Matt. I appreciate it.

RE: Game 2 Payments received - Barbara Martin - 09-17-2015

Updated and alphabetized list by first name for convenience:

Aaron E PC
Aaron M PC
Adam F PC
Alex A PC
Alex B PC
Alex N PC
Ali B PC
Alyssa L PC
Ash L PC
Austin J PC
Barbara M NPC
Ben B PC
Brandon T PC
Brian H PC
Brian J PC
Brian L PC
Brooklyn S PC
Brooks D PC
Camilla P PC
Carrie R PC
Cassie Lee M PC
Charles D PC
Chloe M PC
Cindy H PC
Cody H PC
Cody M PC
Connor P PC
Corey G PC
Craig W PC
Crystal A PC
Danny D PC
Dante A PC
Dave R PC
David C PC
David H PC
David P PC
Deanne N PC
Devlin A PC
Dylan N PC
Eric E PC
Erik S PC
Ethan T PC
Evan R NPC
Frank D PC
Gabe D NPC
Galen H PC
Glenn A PC
Holly E PC
Holly P PC
Ian P PC
Isaac H PC
Jacob B PC
Jacob W PC
James Y PC
Joey P PC
Jason W NPC
Jeff K PC
Jennifer J PC
Jesse S PC
Jessica R PC
Jett C PC
Jimmy H NPC
Joe H PC
John F PC
Jordan B PC
Jordan M PC
Jordan V NPC
Keegan G PC
Ken W PC
Kevin S PC
Kirk I Friday Night Only
Kirsten O NPC
Kyle E PC
Kyra B PC
Kyra TB PC
Lizzy M PC
Lucas T PC
Maggie R?? PC
Mark G PC
Matt V PC
Matt O NPC
Matt P PC
Michael B PC
Michael D PC
Michael D PC
Michael M PC
Michael R S PC
Mike H PC
Nat H PC
Nataly S PC
Nathan B PC
Nathan H PC
Nikita M PC
Paul V PC
Queenie T NPC
Rachel F PC
Reena M PC
Richard H NPC
Robert B PC
Rolf S PC
Roxy Anne S PC
Ryan W PC
Samuel A PC
Sean Y PC
Shawn K PC
Skyler S PC
Sori G NPC
Stephanie Y PC
Steve W PC
Stewart B PC
Sulayman D PC
Tabitha K PC
Tai K PC
Trevor U PC
Tucker B NPC
Vincent M PC
Warren S PC
Wayne H PC
William B PC
William M PC
Zaz Y PC
Zephyr T PC