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Noise making items - Ian Paterson - 07-07-2015

Not sure if this is the right place for it but...

What are the rules on noise making items?

More specifically:


Thunder B Sound Grenades?


RE: Noise making items - Conor Tuohy - 07-07-2015

As the combat, weapons available, and abilities is on a strict balance based on in-game skills...
...as such, anything that gives a combat advantage (beyond the scope of the rules) is probably not going to be allowed.

As such, the Thunder B Sound Grenades are probably not going to be allowed.
Also, the site has neighbors; while we can make a lot of noise - the specific sounds of loud explosions might also get us in trouble :/

A megaphone, though?
That's an interesting question. I figure it's probably okay, perhaps classified as a 'media device' or 'radio' - or perhaps just a prop.

RE: Noise making items - John Pariury II - 07-07-2015

We had an alarm-motion sensor in our cabin. It used a Gadget tag.

RE: Noise making items - Ron Leota - 07-08-2015

Airsoft grenades and similar items are banned at Spite. As for the megaphone, it would depend on it's application. All gadgets that can effect a player, including loud noises, need to be run by staff.

RE: Noise making items - Ian Paterson - 07-09-2015

Thanks for the replies!