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August 2015 Rule Book Patch - Ron Leota - 08-18-2015

The new rule book patch is in. Please find below the change log for the August 2015 patch:

Page 7: Updated check-in and the game sections. Important change to weapon check-in added!
Page 8: Added a section about ad-libbing.
Page 10: Added section on ad-libbing. Updated the theft rules (MAJOR CHANGE). Clarifications to ammo section. Added parking information. Added a section on having fun.
Page 21: Added note to combat the friendly fire DOES count.
Page 22: Changed incapacitated to "bleeding out" and clarified.
Page 23: Updated information on radios.
Page 24: Added clarification to confirming a hit. Added infraction "blinding", please read. Clarified the charging, machine gunning, rhino-hiding, and shield bashing infractions.
Page 25: Added the Unchecked Weapon infraction.
Page 27: Added radio delivery.
Page 29: Added "use items" to sunder.
Page 30: (MAJOR CHANGE) reworked the Communications skill.
Page 31: Removed prerequisite for gadgeteer
Page 39: Changed wording on rank 3 Psychokinesis.
Page 40: MAJOR change: added "use" items. Added clarification to item tags.
Page 41: Added bandage as an item.
Page 41 - 44: Added use item descriptions to certain items.
Page 42: Added that nurses can use medkits.
Page 45: Added incomplete resources and supplies to mega-economy.
Page 46: Work bench can now assemble incomplete resources.

RE: August 2015 Rule Book Patch - Ron Leota - 08-18-2015

While not every suggested change made it in to the book, we did make changes based on the most popular suggestions from the feedback form. We ask that you let this version play out at the game before sending suggestions. We will have the normal feedback form available immediately after game 2.

RE: August 2015 Rule Book Patch - Ron Leota - 08-19-2015

Woops, I made a mistake and used old notes for a couple of minor things. I have updated the version with the following changes:

Medic Path Rank 1 add: "What's your current hitpoints?"
Medkit down to 2 charges
Portable defib 2 charges
Stimpack 500c
Surgeon Path Rank 2 down to 8 En from 12
Make bandages untagged / free item