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Pre-Reg's Received - Barbara Martin - 09-16-2015

There has been some interest in this list, so I'm posting the list of pre-reg's I have received as of 2:30.

Important notes:
  • Presence on this list does NOT mean you pre-paid and can check in. Only people who are on our paid list will be allowed to check in and stay on site. Sorry, but we hit site capacity. :/
  • If you are pre-reg'd and cannot attend, you can either remove yourself from the list or leave yourself on it. You won't be checked in, so there's no worries on our end.
  • If you ARE coming to the event and you are NOT on this list, please follow the directions to pre-register AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Otherwise, you will need to use the long and dreaded Line 2 at check-in on Friday.
  • One last bonus!!!! If you pre-register by MIDNIGHT TONIGHT, you will have a fancy Character Badge waiting for you at logistics! Ooooh! Fancy! If you don't pre-reg, you'll have to wait while one gets printed (booooo, waiting!).


Pre-Reg List as of 9/16/15 2:41 PM:

Adam F
Alex A
Alex B
Ali B
Alyssa L
Andrew M
Austin J
Barbara Martin
Ben T
Brandon S
Brian H
Brian J
Brooks D
Camilla P
Carrie RL
Cass J
Cassie M
Charlie D
Christopher P
Cindy H
Cody H
Cody M
Cody N
Conor T
Craig W
Crystal A
Danny D
Dante A
David C
David H
Deanne N
Devlin A
Dylan N
Eric E
Erik S
Frank D
Gabe DLA
Galen H
Glenn A
Holly E
Ian P
James Y
Jason W
Jeff K
Jenna J
Jessica R
Jett C
Jimmy H
Jocelyn T
Joey P
John F
John P
Jordan M
Jordan V
Joseph H
Katie B
Keegan G
Ken C
Kyra Bett.
Kyra Bru.
“Little G” – Need a real name please
Lizzy M
Lucas T
Luke D
Manuel O
Marc D
Mark G
Michael B
Michael Dey.
Michael Dod.
Michael RS
Mike H
Natalya H
Nataly S
Nathan B
Paul V
Phil B
Phillip S
Queenie T
Rachel F
Raistlyn S
Richard H
Rob B
Rolf S
Ron L
Ryan W
Sam A
Shawn K
Skyler S
Soichi I
Sori H
Stephani Y
Sulayman D
Tabitha K
Warren S
Wayne H
William M
Zarazaiel Y

RE: Pre-Reg's Received - John Pariury II - 09-16-2015

Is "John P" me?

RE: Pre-Reg's Received - Barbara Martin - 09-16-2015


Not sure how to pre-reg??? Check out the handy WALKTHROUGH!!! Ooooh! So fancy!

RE: Pre-Reg's Received - Barbara Martin - 09-16-2015

There were apparently some errors we just discovered. The following people did not complete their registration successfully. Please resubmit your registration by tonight to get your fancy badge.

Dante A
David H
Ken C
Jenna J
Raistlyn S