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EVA Foam Armor? - Raissa DeArmond - 11-09-2015

As any cursory Google search will tell you, EVA foam can be used to make absolutely awesome armor and props. While I have no doubt that many of these creations would hold up fine for a party or convention, I was hoping someone out there had some experience with how EVA foam armor holds up to the rigor of a full weekend event. I'd also love to hear basics of how people are constructing it (ie hot glue vs E6000 or whatever).


RE: EVA Foam Armor? - Jimmy Hastings - 11-10-2015

I can't give you specifics since I only assembled the final bugs from formed/glued pieces, but the hard parts of the bug suits are made of EVA foam, as are a couple of our suits of armor. Matt will know more.

RE: EVA Foam Armor? - Raissa DeArmond - 11-11-2015

i'd love to hear about that too, but I'm most curious how it holds up to a full weekend of continuous use, not just the few-hour stint max most NPC gear is worn.

RE: EVA Foam Armor? - Ron Leota - 11-12-2015

Eva foam is perfect for games like Spite. A lot of players use EVA foam, as does the Hive. The only downside is they don't hold up when they take an accidental body check or really heavy hit. That's why I don't recommend it for heavy hit / shield play / contact games.

Matt uses DAP for most of it. We keep some on hand for repairs, due to the odd shape of the bug suits making them more vulnerable than form fitting armor.

RE: EVA Foam Armor? - Raissa DeArmond - 11-18-2015

Awesome. Thanks for the info, guys!