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Field Limits ... Notes - William Myers - 02-10-2015

I went ahead and filled the notes with 90950 words (468747 characters).  Not sure what's the best way to handle this, but I assume when you 'display' the notes, maybe choose to only show X # of characters before cutting off the display.

RE: Field Limits ... Notes - Jimmy Hastings - 02-10-2015

Man, if you want 91k words in your player notes, I think you get what you pay for.

We'll look at adding an expandable thing for player notes so it doesn't make you scroll down to add/remove paths, but it might not make it for release because of the other features on the table.

RE: Field Limits ... Notes - Mr. F - 02-10-2015

Are the player notes visible only to Plot and the character owner?

RE: Field Limits ... Notes - Brian Johnson - 02-10-2015

Yes, because the player notes are intended to be out of game, and only you and plot have access to the out of game character detail page for one of your characters.