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Character Creation - Dannicka Brooks - 04-17-2016

Okay, so I want to create my first character for Spite and I have a question. Are we allowed to change things about our character over time, either as the character develops or we don't feel like something was right for that character? An example being their name, starting with one name and changing it to another if we don't believe that name works. 


RE: Character Creation - Ron Leota - 04-18-2016

Hey there,

We can facilitate changes that fit your characters story. Name changes are alright since you can legally change your name in our current day but it would need to be for a story reason and you would be limited in how many times you could legally change it. You can also alter paths with Xp (pg 20) and change from human to exim, cyborg, or psychic. We like characters to be customizable.