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Text apps - John Pariury II - 04-27-2016

pg 25 of the rulebook, under "Unauthorized Tech Use", states: "You should also never use a piece of tech to circumvent a game skill, for instance using your phone to communicate with your team instead of radios.

As read, it would seem to imply you should never text in the game. However, pg 30 under Communications 1 states: "The character may also use technology to coordinate their team like GPS mapping, messaging services, etc.

Presumably that falls under "authorized use", but a plan reading of the infraction implies it's never okay.

Am I correct (and maybe the example modified, like "Don't call one another on your cell phones") or is the use of texting meant to be forbidden unless it's part of a larger app like BattleTac?

RE: Text apps - Marc DeArmond - 04-29-2016

The intent of the statement on Unauthorized Tech Use stems from using a phone call rather than radios to communicate with your team.
This is not allowed.

Comms 1 specifically allows the use of Messaging Services with other players at game (about IG topics). So you can open a FB Text chat with your other Comms officers, but you shouldn't using audio chat.