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Just Exim Things - Michael Bates - 05-31-2016

I am going to be starting an Exim character for the next game and I just wanted to see what kinds of Exims that other players have written. I know that all Exims are slightly different, as the procedure can vary depending on the "batch" and each person reacts in slightly different ways. I just want to get some general inspirations and maybe see what kinds of people my character went into the Eximus project with. So I am wondering things like:

At what "age" did your Exim start displaying side effects?
What were the initial side effects and how did your character notice them?
How much does the dementia/memory loss affect your Exim?
Why did your character undergo the Eximus treatment and did that affect what path they selected?
Does your character think about their shortened lifespan? How do they view it?

If you don't want to talk about these answers OOG, I totally understand. My character is coming in as a fairly new Exim, so he'll be interested in talking to more experienced veterans of the project at game. So we may get the chance to talk then as well.