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Hive Points and XP Question - Ian Paterson - 06-13-2016

To the powers in charge,

I remember there being a limit per game you can use XP bought through Hive Points.

Is this per game event attended? Games in general? Does it only apply to one character?

Example: Ive spent HP to get XP for character X for the two games I've attended. Now Im taking a break from character X to play character Y. Can I use HP to buy XP for each of the games Ive attended in the past to apply to character Y?

Thanks a bunch.

RE: Hive Points and XP Question - Jimmy Hastings - 06-14-2016

Each player can purchase XP with Hive Points only once per between-game period.
You need not have attended the event.
You can put that XP on whichever character you choose, at whatever future time you choose.
If you missed your chance at buying XP (or credits) from past games, then you've missed your chance. The idea is to allow some accelerated growth as a thank-you for donating, but not let somebody jump a ridiculous amount ahead.