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On Cloaks in Combat - Zachary Herzog - 08-08-2016

There is a technique in historical European martial arts whereby one may use a cloak (or similar cloth covering) as a sort of shield against melee weapons. Moreover, the cloth could be thrown onto the opponents weapon or else her head as a means of distraction and encumbrance. I am wondering if this form of combat is allowed in SPITE. Thank you.

RE: On Cloaks in Combat - Matt Oostman - 08-09-2016

Thanks for asking! Unfortunately this technique wouldn't be allowed in Spite. We want to keep our players safe out-of-game and wouldn't allow anything that would require removing the ability for people to see, move freely Out-of-Game, involve direct personal contact in combat, or contests of out-of-game strength.
Basically, any techniques other than basic combat as described in the rule book are represented by character skills. Let us know if you have other questions!