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Let Loose the Hounds of War: Pre-Reg List - Barbara Martin - 08-29-2016

Hey all!

This is the list of people who have pre-registered as of the date below. THIS IS NOT THE SAME AS THE PRE-PAY LIST!!!

All characters and NPCs **MUST** pre-register before they can check in for game. The earlier you do this, the better.

There is an online walkthrough that can help you with this process if you would like it. Log into http://web.spitelarp.com/manager/ and click the "Help" tab. Look for the "Event Registration Walkthrough".

Merchants: **YOU CAN PRE-REG NOW!** You don't have to wait until site to pre-reg. You don't have to have the money in your account until you CHECK IN with me and my staff on site. Until then, work with your groups now to figure out what you want to purchase and fill out your purchase list. You can change this list up to the moment you check in, so it isn't written in stone until then!!!

If you think you should be on this list or have questions or concerns, please email logistics@spitelarp.com ASAP and let us know what the buzz is, and we'll help you out!

Thank you!

Logistics team

Pre-Reg's as of 8/29/16:
Aaron R
Alex A
Alex B
Alex C
Alyssa L (NPC)
Anna S
Barbara M (NPC)
Ben B
Bob G
Brad L
Brandon S
Brennan T
Brian L
Brooks D
Bryan O
Callie J (NPC)
Chantelle Y
Charlie D
Chris C
Cindi B (NPC)
Codie G
Cody H
Cody M
Conor T
Craig W
Dakota B
Daniel S (NPC)
Dante A
David H
David Y (NPC)
Dean C
Deanne N
Denise B
Devlin A
Dylan N
Emily F
Erik S
Frank D
Gavin V (NPC)
Genesis H
Haley R
Hallie E
Hayley B
Heather N
Holly E
Ian P
Jake B
James Y
Jameson K
Jeff K
Jenna J
Jessica R
Jessica S (NPC)
Jimmy H (NPC)
Joey P
John F
John K
Jordan M
Joseph H
Justin A
Justin G
Keegan G
Kirsten O (PLOT)
Kristofer S
Kyle S (NPC)
Kyra B
Layn H
Lizzy M
Lucas T
Marc D (PLOT)
Margaret R
Mark O
Mathew V
Matt O (PLOT)
Meg S
Mel C
Michael B
Michael RS
Michele L
Nataly S
Nate B
Nathan H
Nicholas E
Nick J
Queenie T
Rachel M
Raissa D (NPC)
Rollin F
Ron L (PLOT)
Roxy S
Russ S
Ryan W
Sam A
Scott N
Shannon D (NPC)
Sindre P
Stephanie Y
Steven W
Susanna L
Tabithat K
Tai K
Travis S
Trevor U
Tucker B (NPC)
Virginia J
Warren S
Wayne H
Wolf C
Zachary H
Zach T
Zephyr T

RE: Let Loose the Hounds of War: Pre-Reg List - Barbara Martin - 09-05-2016

Updated as of 9/5