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Air canister - David Rimple - 02-19-2015

What is an air canister blaster (Firearms 2 and 3)?

RE: Air canister - John Pariury II - 02-19-2015

Some Nerf-style weapons, such as the Magstrike AS-10 or the Rapidfire 20, allow multiple shots without a distinct cocking action between each dart.

RE: Air canister - David Rimple - 02-19-2015

Would double-barrel shotguns and the Rough Cut be considered canister, since they can fire 2 rounds per pump?

RE: Air canister - Mr. F - 02-19-2015

Not unless you have to pump it full of air before you fire it. Thae rough cut has a standard mechanical firing mechanism.

RE: Air canister - Ron Leota - 02-19-2015

Boomco released a boat load of amazing air canister blasters. We saw these at playtest and change some rules based on them. Any gun you have to "pump up" to use is considered air canister. The shot gun is cocking, not pumping... That sounded dirty.