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Price updates for game 6 - Jimmy Hastings - 08-01-2017

Hi all,

We tweaked the algorithm a bit that determines how the price of items when buying them at game on.  We don't make that algorithm public, but there's one consequence that will be immediately apparent to most people buying things: It is now possible to get a discount if your faction makes their associated quotas.  The longer you can consistently make your numbers, the better the discount, as your faction is able to more efficiently route the associated goods.  This is cumulative with the merchant 40% discount, so if a normal person in your faction gets a 10% discount on some type of item, a merchant would get a (60% * 90% = 54%) 46% discount.

This still does not affect starting characters, as this expenditure is supposed to represent your starting gear, which doesn't fluctuate with the local economy.

Let us know if you have any questions,
Jimmy Hastings
Chief Economist

RE: Price updates for game 6 - Eric Ingraham - 08-02-2017

. . .
Does this mean we will find out in-game if a CG fails to make their quota, the discount ends abruptly or gradually goes away?

"In-game" discovery is the key.
That was intended to be a rhetorical question.