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XP opportunity at LARPFEST!
Hello Contractors! I know several of you are planning to go to LARPFEST this weekend and I want to tell you a bit about the SPITE game demo that will be running Friday night.

IG info: Military flybys near Millersilvania State Park have spotted a group of refugees acting unusual. All Contracting Groups are invited on an investigation mission leaving from Millersylvania ELC to the refugee camp in the west woods. This may be a combat situation so combatants as well as medics are welcome.

OOG info:
- Our Demo starts at 10pm on Friday June 19th. We will meet up in the field just behind the tavern where the volley ball nets are. If you are planning to NPC please show up half an hour early to get us sorted.
- While this is a Demo it is in canon for the game. We are in real time, meaning it's actually June in game. This also means that any character deaths are real. You are welcome to bring and play your PC but if you don't want to risk death at the demo I can still use some NPC's. If you want to try a new character that is ok too.
- Compensation! Anyone who purchases (including volunteer time) a LARPFEST pass (weekend pass or day pass) AND attends the demo will get 1 shiney xp and 100 credits of character pay. NPCs will also receive 4 hive points.
- We will not have terminals on site for bank transactions or character building. I will have a couple copies of the current rule book on hand for character building but if you can get it done beforehand it will help the game run smoother. I will also have a few pre-built characters that people can just pick up and run with.
- The financial system will not be turned on so hacking, bank transfers and merchant purchasing will not be available. I will be supplying the game with medical goodies to keep you (mostly) alive. Since new characters will not be able to purchase starting weapons, everyone can have a combination of three items that are weapons or shields. Radios and other media devices are bring 'em if you've got 'em. We will not worry about cost for this event only.
- There will be medical and counseling facilities for the game. If you would like to bring equipment for those, please do so and let me know!

I'm sure there are things I've missed. Please ask questions.
- Kirsten (Plot: Genacorp/Psychics)

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