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Web interface released
Hey guys,

Here's what you should expect different in the Spite web interface between last game and this game.  Some of these changes will be familiar to those of you who have been paying attention to the beta thread, but here we've collected them and organized them by type.

Character Creation / Updating
You are no longer required to freeze/snapshot your character at any time.  In fact, it's not even something you can do manually anymore.  Instead, your XP is spent when you register your character for an event, and if your character is registered for an upcoming event, you cannot modify it unless you unregister the character.

On that note, registration and purchasing items should be much smoother now, where it walks you through the decisions you need to make top to bottom.  In particular:
- You no longer have to worry about whether or not your character is snapshotted.  Your XP is spent when you register instead.
- When choosing what items to purchase, the system will automatically do the "right" thing as far as allocating your funds, so in most cases you don't have to worry about that.

On the hacking side, we've added tools both for hackers trying to hide information or add misinformation, and for hackers trying to ferret out the truth.
- In addition to deleting log entries, hackers can now attempt to modify existing log entries, both of which are easier than trying to delete a log entry outright.
- If a log entry has been marked as tampered, it now has the timestamp of when it was tampered visible for anyone to see.
- If a log entry has been marked as tampered, or there's a detected intrusion, other hackers can try to figure out what was being done and whether it was successful

- We added a gritty S as our website icon
- All changes in the August rulebook to items and paths are included.
- eCheck creation is now smoother and more intuitive
- Account printouts are laid out better now.
- Account and eCheck QR codes automatically open the transfer dialog, with the possibility for external websites to pre-fill

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