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Web interface released
Aloha Spitists,

Here are the changes you can expect to see in the web interface between last game and this one (except the ones from the mid-break release above).

Better navigation
  • OOG pages on the site now come with a lovely submenu of links so you can more easily find where to go
  • In-game, when you visit a person or account for the first time, we'll show you a little bar to let you know you now know about that person or account.
Contracting Groups, web-ified
  • As mentioned in the announcement to trade reps, CG resource trading is now all electronic, without need to go to the UEF all the time.
  • Those with authorized access to those CG resources also have a list of active contractors.  This may, of course, prove useful to hackers as well.
  • Investigate and Trace hacks are now twice as difficult as before, making it easier for hackers who left a little trail to be temporarily safe.
  • You can now revoke your own access, if you accidentally have a public association you want to get rid of.
Character ID
  • Person pages will now show CG, SIC, and position (if one exists) rather than the freeform public notes field.
  • Pictures are now visible on all Person pages right on top of where the QR code used to be (and still is if you tap on it).
See you all at game!

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