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So, gadgeteer allows for the following:

1 - Use wearable gadgets
2 - Use remote controlled non-firearm gadgets
3 - Use blaster-bearing gadgets

My assumption is that these are stackable traits... i.e., with gadgeteer 3, I can use a wearable gadget with a firearm (say... just as a totally random example, an airsoft claymore with nerf balls... just as a for instance. Asking for a friend.) or a quaddrone that fires nerf darts.

Are there meant to be any specific limits on this? Could I, say, go Tony Stark on this and have Armor with shoulder-mounted rocket Gadgets strapped onto it?

If I mount a GoPro or claymore on someone else, do they have to have some amount of Gadgeteer skills if I'm the one with my finger on the trigger?

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