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The 3 Laws of Robotics - Android Scenario Discussion
It would be situational, but I believe that the course of action would be to take whatever action will minimize loss of human life however you can. for example if you have the medic skill, when enemies go down you go and stabalize them. Or if you have melee skills or/and a shield, you engage them and block their attacks but do not actually hit them.

But it all depends how you interpret the laws. No one is going to call you out for playing your character in the moment, another just as valid option is you turn to the commander and say "I am unable to comply with your orders, it goes against my programming".

The not allowing a human to come to harm through inaction is more meant for situations like if you come across a bleeding out person and you dont take them to a medic. or you see a civilian getting chased by bugs and do nothing to help them. those are the situations in mind with reference to inaction.

So to answer your question, no the android is not required to disrupt and get itself killed.

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