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The 3 Laws of Robotics - Android Scenario Discussion
Hello Everyone,

I thought with Androids coming into game and them using the Asimov 3 rules of robotics some scenarios could be raised up to discussion.

Wikipedia - Three Laws of Robotics

An example would be Android Surgeons. They can cut into humans because they are trained but other Androids would be breaking the first rule.

Some interesting scenarios I have thought of:
  • Android hackers. Does hacking and stealing money count as breaking the first rule? Androids are the best hackers but would they be limited to purely research and locking accounts? Really comes into effect with Zeroth law.
  • Androids being effected by obey attack your allies. many other obey effects can cause conflicts too.
  • Not Knowing that they are causing harm? like put 'this' in their food. That item would be poison.
  • Etc...
What are some other scenarios that you can think of and how do you think they would be resolved?

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The 3 Laws of Robotics - Android Scenario Discussion - by Jon Larson - 01-13-2015, 03:53 AM

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