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NW LARP Fest (XP opportunity)
Of the 25 characters, four of them are captains. So, if you tell us you want to be a ship-captain and/or someone with some authority, we might be able to make that happen!

Yeah - we'll be putting fliers up.
The timing is what it is; there's no such thing as a perfect schedule for any convention.
It is sad to be up against the costume contest, as well as Supers Anonymous (especially because I wanted to play in that one, as well as hoping to have Taylor come play in Firefly).
I was also hoping to do the 'Art of the One Shot' panel... but as there's nothing in that space after it, maybe it'll still be going after Firefly, and maybe I can join in and add my own two cents?

Firefly has a 3 hour imprint (2 1/2 hour run-time, 30 mins for opening and closing), we knew we'd be up against other things.
We really can't do it any shorter; it has already been shortened by an hour and a half.

We'll be getting there before noon, traffic willing, so we'll have time to chat - I'll make sure I find you Smile

~ Conor

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