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August 2015 Rule Book Patch
The new rule book patch is in. Please find below the change log for the August 2015 patch:

Page 7: Updated check-in and the game sections. Important change to weapon check-in added!
Page 8: Added a section about ad-libbing.
Page 10: Added section on ad-libbing. Updated the theft rules (MAJOR CHANGE). Clarifications to ammo section. Added parking information. Added a section on having fun.
Page 21: Added note to combat the friendly fire DOES count.
Page 22: Changed incapacitated to "bleeding out" and clarified.
Page 23: Updated information on radios.
Page 24: Added clarification to confirming a hit. Added infraction "blinding", please read. Clarified the charging, machine gunning, rhino-hiding, and shield bashing infractions.
Page 25: Added the Unchecked Weapon infraction.
Page 27: Added radio delivery.
Page 29: Added "use items" to sunder.
Page 30: (MAJOR CHANGE) reworked the Communications skill.
Page 31: Removed prerequisite for gadgeteer
Page 39: Changed wording on rank 3 Psychokinesis.
Page 40: MAJOR change: added "use" items. Added clarification to item tags.
Page 41: Added bandage as an item.
Page 41 - 44: Added use item descriptions to certain items.
Page 42: Added that nurses can use medkits.
Page 45: Added incomplete resources and supplies to mega-economy.
Page 46: Work bench can now assemble incomplete resources.

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