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Weapons jack question
Short Answer: You should be able to use either hand, since not all cyborgs even have a robotic arm/hand.

Long Answer: the costuming req is simply that you have to have an obvious port on an existing cybernetic part. In game, I believe the way it works is by forming something like a wireless connection between your gun and your port, and from there your body/nervous system. So it doesn't really matter where your port is or how it connects to your cybernetic part, only that is does. For example, my weapon jack is on my power core, which is on my chest. I doesn't matter how I shoot my gun - I could do it with my feet - I still get the effects of the weapon jack. I also have the personal rule that if my power core is powered off (light are out) I can't use the weapon jack or its abilities. But that's RP.

I don't think that it matters which hand you shoot with, but from a costuming/immersion standpoint, if you made the gun plug into your arm (which would be really, really cool) then I would not use it with the other hand unless you have an explanation for why that works. But rules-wise, that would be fine.

Sorry, longer answer than you need, I'm sure.
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