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Season 2 dates for 2016!
We're excited to announce the 2016 dates for SPITE! Join us at Sunset Lake Camp near Wilkeson, WA for Season 2!

Game 3: April 22-24, 2016
Game 4: September 9-11, 2016

We tried our best to avoid conflicting with any posted dates for other local games and believe we’ve been pretty successful, but we were limited on possible options and are now locked into these dates.

Sunset Lake is an awesome camp that has a much higher capacity than our last site. The site has heat/light/electricity and bunks with mattresses in all sleeping buildings, as well as a number of other non-sleeping buildings that we can use. Cabins sleep between 5-12 people, and some also have bathrooms, showers, and a small refrigerator *inside of them.* Like our last site, there are separate PC and NPC full kitchens and dining areas.

Because this site is larger and has more modern buildings, the cost is significantly more than our last site (more than double). Because we’ve grown so quickly and are projected to keep growing for the near future, we made the decision to use a more expensive site. We’re committed to maintaining our goal of running a low entry-barrier game, so we want to keep the player cost low, but unfortunately to adjust for the increased site cost we need to increase game cost slightly. We’re increasing the cost of games by $5 to a total of $50 for people who pre-pay by the pre-pay deadline and $60 for those who do not (or pay at the door). This site is quite a bit closer to home for most people, so we hope that you’ll save at least that much money in gas and this modest adjustment won’t deter you from our events.

Overall the site is very nice and gives each group plenty of space to make their own. However, there are a few new rules that we must abide by:

• NO PORK ON SITE – This is a big one, and probably the most unexpected. Sunset Lake is a Seventh Day Adventist site and it’s a matter of religious culinary rules, so it’s not negotiable. Obvious sources are bacon, ham, and sausage, but keep an eye on your pizza toppings and other meats that may contain pork products. This is a big deal and can cost us the site; please be respectful of the site’s religious requests.
• No swimming – There’s a lake on site but we won’t have the proper personnel to swim. There are canoes that we may make available, but you are absolutely required to use a life vest (also available on site). If you find yourself in a canoe, don’t stand up in it, as you are likely to suddenly begin swimming.
• Only drive and park on actual roads. The last site had us parking on a big patch of grass, but this site doesn’t allow that. There’s a parking lot that we’ll be using. You can drop off gear at your cabin, but don’t leave your car there for more than an hour.
• Smoking is not allowed anywhere on site, however there is a semi-convenient space behind the mess hall just off of site where there will be sand buckets for butts. Please don’t smoke anywhere else.
• Please continue the practice of not tagging the site in pictures on Facebook. The site is primarily a religious summer camp during their peak season, so we'd like to avoid a lot of aliens and cyborgs coming up in google searches.

This site has never had a LARP on it before, so we’re trying to be good ambassadors. Please help us by keeping it clean and respecting the religious restrictions of the site.

The less expensive Pre-Pay pricing starts now and runs through March 15, 2016. Our site capacity is much higher than at our last site, buy you can pre-pay now and reserve your spot by going to:

Let us know if you have other questions. We’re super excited to begin Season 2 of SPITE!

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