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Buying items for Game 3
Since our next dates have now been announced, you can register for game 3 (or game 4 if you really want) in the Registration Manager.  If you're buying items, though, you may notice something slightly different from the past 2 games.  Not every faction got the resources they needed last game, and that has broader economic consequences.  For returning characters, certain items may be substantially more expensive than normal, as the normal distribution channels for your CG for those items just aren't working as well as they should. 

This does not effect new characters, as we want you to be able to use your starting credits to purchase your starting equipment.  For that reason, we ask that new characters not purchase items on behalf of returning characters.  That is, not receive money from returning characters before game starts.  If you're a returning character, feel free to make use of other merchants who are returning characters.  If you're the merchant for a new group, you can purchase things on behalf of the group, just don't try peddle your services before game.  For the most part, we won't be monitoring this.  As with a lot of things in LARP, we're trusting you not to subvert the system that's in place to help people have fun.

Side note: If you're a merchant in a faction that did well in some area, consider buying extras of items you know others need and selling them to members of other factions at a profit.

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