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Food is not provided. Do you know what faction you're joining? Most, if not all, have private FB groups to discuss things like food, etc.

That said, there is the USO food available via Chloe. She posted on the Facebook group about it - I'll copy it here:
Greetings contractors!
I want to assure everyone that the USO will be present at Sunset Lake Camp en force! We are expanding our services to bring more entertainment and joy to our brave contractors on the front line, and as before we hope to do some good for those in need as well. smile emoticon
As stated in the flyer, the new HOT MESS tavern and theater will offer several affordable food and entertainment options for all contractors.
Hot Mess Menu:
FREE Counseling and accounting services!
FREE Waffle Breakfast Bar from 6am-9am (*IG Characters Only)
Three Meal & Drink Deal - $15
Single Meal & Drink - $6
Snack - $3 Max (varies by item)
1 Drink - $1
5 Drink deal! - $4
Open tab* - $10
*Unlimited drinks. Can only be used by tab holder, maximum 2 drinks per order.
All orders are payable partially or fully with Credits! $1=100Credits
Staff/NPC/Celebrity Meal Deal: $15 for 3 meals and an open tab. Not payable with credits.
Full Time Tavern Worker: FREE food and drinks (slots are limited!)
Part Time Tavern Volunteer: 25-50% discount depending on work (slots are limited!)
Prop and food donators receive discounts based on their donation! Our requested prop/food items list will be out soon, but if you have anything we might be able to use please let us know!
All cash proceeds go to Seattle Children's Hospitals ( on behalf of the Spite LARP Community! All credits go to support Earth Idol competition prizing and future USO efforts!
As for the entertainment....
The famed Earth Idol TV show is making a pit stop at Sunset Lake to seek out talented individuals on their star search tour! Winner(s) get awesome prizes! If you'd like to get involved as a Celebrity or a Contestant please contact the USO coordinator for details!
Casual Karaoke, Rockband, Video games, Games and Movie viewings available by request!
Dance hall opens up at dusk!
Please submit your interest through our online survey:
All services are subject to change and availability. Please forward any inquiries to!

Please let me know if you have any questions! =)
Marvin the Martian
[Image: acme-logo.png]
Subcontractor for Wartime Salvage

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