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Android: Power Down
Quote:Power down. An android can spend 30 seconds stationary and unresponsive to go straight to Unconscious

(0 HP). If they use this ability to become Unconscious they gain their current HP (before using this power, minus any

damage they take during the count) in addition to any that they are Restored that ends their Unconscious status.

Quote:Unconscious characters cannot move or speak. There are two ways to awaken

an unconscious character: using a stimpack or the rank 3 medic path ability Resuscitate.
Quote:If a character is unconscious for 10 consecutive minutes they are considered dead.
Hey all, 

I'm working on planning out a character and could use some clarification on how power down works. Smile
Two question: 

1. From my reading of these three rules, an android with just this rank can spend 30 seconds of not moving go unconscious at will. Let's say they had 4/10 hp before doing so and weren't attacked during the count. They are now unconscious with 0 hp. Now, the only way they can come out of unconscious state is by stimpack or Resuscitate. So if resuscitate was performed, they'd gain "their current HP in addition to any that they are Restored that ends their Unconscious status".
They had 4, so they would end up with 4+1 from resuscitate? 

2. If someone doesn't stimpack them or Resuscitate them, after 10 minutes do they just die?

I apologize if I'm mis-reading, or this was answered in eratta or other forum posts, but I didn't see anything.

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