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Cybernetic Arm
Cybernetic Arm rank 2 is Crush, which lets you sunder a shield or weapon. Awesome! But, being touch delivered, it can't be used in active combat. No running up and touching a shield-holding bug's shield. Touch delivery makes sense, how could my robot arm crush something it's not touching? That's fine. But since it has super limited combat usefulness (can only be used on an enemy weapon or shield that they have dropped and that you apparently don't want to try to use yourself) ... what about adding a few non-combat items to the crush list? Locks, gadgets, media devices...
I'm pretty sure it can be used on those. When looking at the character manager the bottom note for rank two says "Notes: Can only be used on items that can be used normally in one hand (melee weapon, shield, gun, other small items)."
Agent Lee
Oh, ok. It looks like it's just a matter of synching up the rule book and the character record thing then. That's cool.

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