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RAID Project costuming
I posted something related to Facebook but thought it'd bear mentioning here as well. As a prospective scientist working for the RAID Project, I'm thinking of various things that could accessorize and accentuate my character. Firstly considering crafting a photo ID to clip onto my lab coat - should it have a logo? If so, would it be for the Project or Genacorp in general?

Secondly, what sort of props should I consider for either a technician or doctor sort? I'm assuming that a Project scientist is still somewhat civilian and not have a uniform. Therefore I plan on a character who's all into tearing things apart - be they machine or flesh - to learn how they work and then use that knowledge to repair or create new versions of the original. Maybe even improve upon it! Point being that while they're all into getting the hands dirty they insist on looking nice too. After all they're a professional. Maybe incorporating some business casual look along with fancy-looking but still comfy clothes under the lab coat. And yes, the lab coat is an absolute must for my character.. because it's SCIENCE!

So any assistance people could give for brainstorming things to accessorize my character or RAID Project personnel in general would be welcome and appreciated!
Current plan is to have ID badges for all the characters, as something required for being an authorized individual in the Quarantine Zone, which will likely have your CG name/logo on it. However, a more specific id for your specific project might be appropriate, depending on how high a clearance your character had.
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So we are still waiting on the RAID logo. I am working out the final piece with a player who is donating the art so I am hoping to have that soon. Other than the badge, costuming for RAID members is pretty open. If you are likely to get down and dirty I would suggest a lab coat. If you are more of an observer then suit and tie is totally acceptable.

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