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Dedicated Hive (long term, full time NPCs)
We are recruiting for the Hive! For those of you who have worked with Ron and I as Plot in the past, Hive is Spite's "NPC Guild." The Hive is a group of players that have decided to play on the side of the bugs rather than on the side of humanity in the world of Spite. The Hive won't only play bugs, they will also play members of other factions, assorted characters that make up the world outside of the immediate camp, transient human/cyborg/exim/psychic/android characters in or near town, and help out the game in other roles. Spite is not a "PCs vs NPCs" game. Our Hive will play good guys and bad guys, and not every PC will be friendly (or non-violent) toward every other PC.

We trust our Hive with more important roles that some games restrict to Plot or Storytellers. We value the Hive's input and let them help us create our stories, especially as they pertain to the characters we have them play. We want our Hive to be good players with good attitudes who can learn the rules and the fluff well enough that they can do the kind of improv that we will be asking them to do. People who want to play their own characters regularly but occasionally NPC are welcome to do so without joining the Hive. Our Hive will be expected to NPC for many games (4+) and won't have the opportunity to PC in that time, as we will give the Hive access to storytelling secrets as appropriate to the characters that they'll be playing.

Spite is a stand alone game, unlike the last game that Ron and I ran, so we can't offer incentives that will help your character in another game. We can offer you important roles, more freedom with roles that fit your preferred playstyle, and potentially special costuming/equipment that we might need to support your character. There have already been a number of people that have expressed interest in joining the Hive, so let us know here and we'll grant you access to the Hive portion of these boards to start talking about your primary in-town NPCs that you would like to play.
It's my intent to join the Hive. NPCing in this game sounds interesting, though I'm not entirely sure what I'd be looking to play.
You've been en-hived!
You don't have to join the Hive just to NPC at Spite! We reward our long-term, committed NPCs with special long-term roles and more leadership/responsibility opportunities, but if you just want to be a bug for one weekend and play your character at the next event, you can do that too! We'll open up a special forum for people who register to join the Hive for an event so that you can get the information you will need to be prepared for the weekend, so please let us know in advance if you're interested in NPCing for just a weekend.
Hive me!?!

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