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Addressing some community rumors about talking to potential players
Greetings Spite Community!

I'm Matt, and I co-wrote Spite with Ron​ (though we've had a lot of help from our staff and community along the way). As you all know, Spite is only going to be run twice each year. The LARP model of "Fewer but bigger" is fairly common in other parts of the world and it gives our staff a lot more time between games to work on other projects, play other LARPs, and dedicate to other parts of our lives. What this means for our players is that Spite will be a "second LARP" (or third, or more!) for most of you, and probably only a "primary LARP" for some people. We accept and celebrate this role, and making it easy to attend our games has been a primary guiding factor for our organization.

We appreciate everyone's enthusiasm for spreading the word and getting your friends excited for Spite! Unfortunately we've heard a few rumors that people are badmouthing other games when they're doing it. Spite will thrive on active engagement from the whole LARP community. We want to welcome players from across the LARP continuum, not alienate them by presuming that one style of LARP is best, that some games are inherently better than others, or that anyone is having fun 'wrong.'

Everyone will prefer different styles of games and Spite simply won't be the right game for everyone; no game ever will be. No one wants to hear, "That thing you enjoy sucks." Not only will that sort of sentiment turn potential players away from our game, it poisons the LARP community and creates divisions between games and players. Please keep this in mind when talking about not only Spite, but about all of the games in our area.

Spite is going to be different than the other game(s) you play(ed), which means that it is going to attract a different group of people and you'll never know when the person next to you enjoys a game that you don't. We're trying to bring together a diverse community of LARPers for Spite and it is important to us that the community that we build is a positive one.

As a final note about community building, I'd like to encourage everyone to check out this year's Northwest LARPFest ( Northwest LARPFest is a weekend long celebration of all things LARPing and Spite will be participating again by running an event and nearly all of our staff will be attending. Northwest LARPFest is hosted by NWRPGs, which also hosts Spite and World of Oz, and has hosted Alliance Seattle and Alliance Oregon in the past. It is a true community organization spanning many genres and styles of LARP, all centered around the goal of spreading awareness and building a stronger LARP community in our area.

TL;DR? Be nice! Don't try to bring us up by putting down other games; we're all one community and need your support for LARPing.

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