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Does the winner gets the spoils?
I'm an Agency Group agent, and my team and I has just chased down and killed a pair of bandits. They have a Firearm: Rank 2 (it happens to be a Nerf Raider), a Melee Weapon: Rank 1 (short sword), a Medkit, a Radio, and a Media Device.

If I'm correct, the phys-reps stay with the players, but the tags are ours to take.

Assuming we are allowed to take the tags, do they have to go to Wartime Salvage (Weapons, Radio, Media) and Hands (Medkit), or can the Agency add the gear to our own supplies (giving one of our own people a Rank 2 Firearm and Rank 1 Melee, an extra Radio, etc.)?
You can keep the tags and leave the phys reps.

There are no rules on what you do with the tags after you take them. WarSal has claim on salvage and general salvage will be a tagged item. Now WarSal could make a strong case for wanting it all or they could ignore the little stuff. We want to leave these concepts vague to create conflict. Your character will have to ask themselves what is most beneficial. The short term of keeping the medkit or the longterm of supplying and befriending Hands.

Overall, we won't know what the player culture will be like, until we actually play the game and we want to allow these questions and conflicts to play out, if that makes sense.
Can I, as an agency group player (vs. a salvage player), pocket an item marked "salvage"? If so, what can I then do with it? If so, I can see this causing "tension" among the groups.
Salvage items will be large and hard to pocket, however, you can take it. What you do with it, is mostly a FOIG (find out in game) situation. You may be able to find someone buying black market salvage. Your CG may have a mission to gather salvage on the down-low for some greater purpose. Heck, you may just wanna screw with the WarSal privateers and destroy it. There's nothing stopping the WarSal people from retaliating or bringing in the UEF to regulate. That's the fun of the game.

Spite is an immersion game. We won't be creating systems for the little things. We want you to be able to explore and interact with the world in as much of your own terms as possible.

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