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Limitations of Guardian Chems Rank 3 Ability?
"Pantomime setting a bone or popping a joint back into socket to remove a Cripple effect from themselves."

This would seem to imply that at least one of the arms needs to be working to perform the pantomime. Is that just fluff, or would an Exim with both arms crippled be mechanically unable to use this ability until at least one of their arms had the cripple effect removed by an external source?

Taking it a step further (and this question can be disregarded if the ability DOES require two functional arms), would an Exim be able to expend four uses of this ability (one for each limb) to entirely remove a Cripple Body effect?
The pantomime can be done entirely using scenery - you can bash a shoulder against a tree to "reset" a crippled arm using Guardian Chems 3. However, you must be able to move some part of your body to satisfy the RP requirements of that ability.

Cripple Body is not a shorthand for "Cripple all 4 Limbs": it is its own distinct effect, which causes your entire body to fall limp. As you cannot move while under the effect of Cripple Body, you cannot use Guardian Chems 3.

If you are instead unlucky enough to have both of your arms and both of your legs Crippled separately (or as "Cripple both arms" & "Cripple both legs" calls), you can squirm around and move enough to perform the required physical RP for Guardian Chems 3. You would need to use it 4 times to remove all 4 Cripple effects.

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