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Jamming devices
Currently, Comm1 allows use of the "public, open radio channels" and Comm2 allows access to private channels. What skills are required for interacting with those channels in a non-communication manner?

I.E. Will players be allowed to bring in jamming devices? Can someone with Comm1 just tape down the squawk button to prevent access to everyone else to that channel?
No jamming, for an assortment of OOG reasons. In-game, the reasoning is essentially "if it could be jammed, it's already being jammed," which is also part of the explanation for why everyone with basic Comms is on the same channel.

As far as the "laying on the squawk" thing, the "don't be a jerk" rule trumps. In game, interfering with one of the only clear channels in the area is a good way to get yourself removed from the quarantine area. If it comes up that your character absolutely must occupy the radio channel with garbage (I don't know, maybe you're fleeing for your life and there's a guy who's relaying your position to the people chasing you) understand that it might cost you your character, depending on the circumstance.
k, thanks!

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