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Facebook questions
Admins delete me or sticky me as you see fit, but this seemed within what's allowed.

A lot of questions get asked and lost on facebook. I want to copy some over along with their answers so they don't get lost forever, and no one has to ask these questions twice.

The red light rule only applies to mounted lights, right?
"Correct." - Ron Leota

Rules question, do I have to verbally call out abilities with delivery self?
"Yes, you must always make your calls, even on yourself, though:

"All effect calls are considered OOG, though their consequences can be seen and understood IG where appropriate."" - Ron Leota

How canon is the tire farm?
"8/10 very cannon.
It's a location, though  I don't think tech has been made to grow tires" - Mark Osten

"It's not /not/ cannon. The camp is repped as-is, so if a place on site has acquired a nickname in game, it's totally fair to use it." - Matthew Oostman

Hello again! More newbie questions, this time regarding the Android character I'm drafting out.

1. Obey commands and the Three Laws - Under the listing for Obey commands, it says that an obey command can supercede SIC roleplay restrictions. Am I right to assume this is SPECIFICALLY listed in the context of androids injuring or killing other humans? Or if my character is issued one of these commands, can I freeze or infinitely hesitate during the gesture as if in a feedback loop?

"Official answers incoming!

1. Obey circumvents the first law. You must complete the obey to the best of your ability and may not RP around the rule.

2. The second Law - obviously dependant on the above answer, but is it fair to say my character treats all directives issued to him as "obey" commands? (This is for sake of whether Soft Reset can be used to ignore unfavorable player directives) 

2. No. Obey is a specific effect. An operator may give special obey commands if the android chooses not to comply (this is how we rep the NPC operators commands vs. requests). 

3. Do the secret handshake - Can I say that my character only takes commands from a (sufficiently prevalent) designation of person, such as "Hands for the Future volunteers" or "women only"?

3. PCs may designate personal "operators", however, this is an OOG agreement between the two players and is carried out via RP, instead of the Obey effect. The only operators IG who can use the special operator obey commands are NPCs. 

4. Androids are people too - Androids consider all SICs "humans" for sake of their laws. Does this mean I cannot harm other androids (not that I was planning on going Blade Runner) or, more importantly, must take commands from fellow androids?

4. This is very important, Androids are specifically NOT human. Androids may attack and kill other androids. This is why a human cannot become an android and an android cannot become any other SIC. 

5. Drop it like it's 'bot - can Power Down be used to stop a bullet, so long as it's just before impact? Or should I be using it well in advance of a hit if I want to avoid dropping to unconscious?
(5.1) Though unresponsive, rules-as-written implies my character is still conscious during the 30 seconds of a Power down. Does this mean I can still hear, and see if my eyes are open? Can I cancel a Power down at any time (unless I take damage during it and fall to unconscious, of course)? 
(5.2) If I take lethal damage during Power down's inactive state, can I notify a medic during diagnosis to keep them from wasting their energy on a resuscitation, or worse, banking on me getting back up when I'm actually dying?

5. Power down is not active defense. You would already need to be powered down. Eric is correct on the clarifications in this one. 

6. Broken item; fixed - "One with technology" says "sunder or restore Gadget". Does this include blasters or radios, or is it strictly limited to items designated by the Gadgeteering tree? It sounds like an interesting ability, but the apparent niche nature of Gadgeteering seems to me like it may be somewhat uncommon amongst players.

Thanks in advance. I'm really looking forward to being able to RP an Android character, but I want the extra information so that I'm confident in what my character's standard behaviors should be.

6. Gadget is a specific item type defined in the rulebook on page 42.


I feel like these have been asked before, but I don't remember:

1. Is there a way to take finesse from Jack of all trades? Character manager doesn't seem to allow it.


Community Admin here! 

To mimic a lot of what Eric said: 

1) No. 

2. Is it a
[b]llowed to deliver both finesse abilities and heavy Gunner abilities from the same gun. They both require [/b]firearms 1

2) Yes, technically. 

3. Heavy Gunner is intended for "heavy guns" so could one deliver it's abilities from a revolver for example. There are some heavy revolvera out there.

3) A heavy gunner's blaster must be only effective with two hands or larger, thus a "rifle" style. If you're specifically asking about the blaster you posted? I would say yes, due to the size of that thing.

4. If the answer to 2 was no, but the answer to 3 was yes, you're saying I could have a dedicated heavy revolver and a finesse revolver, and duel wield them?

4) No. Having a "rifle" to use Heavy Gunner and a sidearm to use finesse? Could be done. But due to the pre-reqs of Heavy Gunner, you should not be using that blaster one-handed. 

If you're looking for "revolver" type blasters that would fit the Heavy Gunner requirements? I would recommend taking a look at the Nerf Doominator. 

Hope that helped! Thank you." - Ian

If you find any others feel free to post them below.

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