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Legal blaster semantics
Hello, potential player here, I just had some questions about what kinds of blasters are allowed at Spite Games. 

I read the ruling on the website, and if I understand them, stock firing mechanisms are the only requirement for a blaster to be allowed. I’m not sure how literally that is to be taken, but it leads into my big question. 

Is an integration considered a cosmetic modification, or a performance upgrade? Please don’t take this as me trying to bend the rules, I just want to get a better understanding. Rules as written would allow it as long as both/all blasters involved retain their original firing mechanisms, but it might violate rules as intended as is a “performance upgrade” in the sense that the player now hasn’t access to an advantage that someone wielding a completely stock version of the the base blaster wouldn’t, such as an underslung shotgun or something similar.
If by "Integration" you mean more or less duct-taping two guns together, then it's fine. If instead you mean configuring the internals so both guns fire on a single trigger pull, then that's an internal mod and disallowed by our rules. Essentially, every functional piece of the gun must be untouched - where functional means anything directly related to the firing of the dart (trigger assembly, air pressure setup, barrel, etc).

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