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Blaster "mod" question
I have a nerf stryfe and a nerf stratohawk. Both of them use a flywheel firing system. The revving of the flywheels has several "locks" that check for things like the magazine being in place and the jam door being closed. Is removing those locks against the rules? It doesn't change how they fire at all just when the wheels can be revved.
That sounds like a potential Performance modification which would disqualify the weapons.

Mods that are entirely cosmetic are okay, anything with internal has liability issues and can be denied.
Is there any chance that you could define performance modification? This would not change the firing components at all.

If it helps I figured out the one piece that I removed from the Stryfe yeeaars ago. Is there any way I can post images here? Basically the one piece that I removed (and no longer have) is the mechanical lock the "checks" if a dart is in the magazine and if there is not mechanically prevents the dart pusher from moving the darts into the flywheels. On the stock Stryfe if you half pull a dart and it does not get to the flywheels then the dart will not fire and the plunger that pushes darts into the wheels will no longer work leaving you gunless until you can fully pull the magazine and reset the darts. In that sense it is a performance upgrade and may not be allowed. I do not think the stratohawk has the same issue.
Hi Andrew,

This falls under "Modifying Internals" and would be disallowed by our rules. Any modification to "functional" parts of the nerf blaster - i.e. trigger, loading, air pressure, etc - is against our rules.

Spite Plot
Thank you for the clarification.

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