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Pho King Awesome!!
Had a freaking BLAST today at the Beta!

Great meeting new friends, and running into some old ones. Everyone's attitude was fantastic, except for that one jerk who asked the other team who their medics were.

Looking forward to the chatter and ideas that come from it!

Question: Where do you want our feedback and ideas? Here, E-mail, other?
That was indeed great--- I've never messed with Nerf before. My brother and his friends had one a gun once in like, late 90's, but I wasn't allowed to mess with them and we weren't exactly able to afford them or the darts, so they slipped past my childhood. It was easy enough for me to follow along.

I need to work on my understanding of the rules/abilities and remember about how many points darts take in health.
Here's the feedback form!
I got together with a few folks after the test to compare notes and come up with ideas. Would it be easier for you guys if I collude all the info into a single doc and simply add each of our names at the bottom, vs. dividing the info and each of us submitting a doc?
Spite LARP - Public Playtest - Feb 2015
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