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Logo Attempts
Hi Everyone!

I noticed we don't have logos for a number of the factions yet. I decided I'd try to throw a few things together, see if they sparked ideas and what people might want to see changed.

First up: The Agency

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I like it!

Apparently the redaction lines didn't come across as redacted upon viewing. I did a new version to see if it would work better. A little organic for me, but it might fit the Spite logo aesthetic.

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Interesting: I didn't see them as redactions, but as a stylized American flag.
It's sort of supposed to be both, given that the Agency is a uniquely American organization...

I'll keep playing with it. There's four more logos to concept as well.
A crafty one you are, Paul....
Just nod your head and say you did it on purpose.
This is what I submitted for the Red River logo.

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William Myers aka Cossak Symon Jenkins
Hands for the Future

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Wile E. Coyote
[Image: acme-logo.png]
subcontractor of Wartime Salvage
Wow! That's really cool. I love the hands and dove and the way you've combined them. Super cool, and very different from the other logos.

William, I like that Red River idea! It fits with the Genacorp logo well. I wonder if maybe that could be the "signature" version, very simple to draw to show that Red River had been there...

Here's my first attempt at the Hands for the Future logo. But I'm digging the dove much more, honestly.

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