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Injury identification through medic tree
I propose an addition to the first rank of medic: being able to sense what kind of weapon knocked the target unconscious. From an immersion stand point it stands to reason that someone with basic medical training can tell the difference between a knife in the gut and a bullet to the head. I also like this for the possibilities of expanding roleplay around a death. You'd react a lot differently to someone cut up by drom claws than to someone who was beat with a hammer. To me it feels like something that was just forgotten and would be easily added to the rules. We already have people keeping track off what they were hit with due to taking different damage from different weapons, so you should know what killed you anytime you fall over. What does everyone think?
Seems reasonable to me.
Oh I like this. Good flavor and could add to solving possible murders.
I kinda love this. Let me discuss it with Matt and you may see something in the next rules incarnation.

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