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Game 10 Prereg's
The following lists the people who have prepaid and have secured a spot for the Spite August 2020 game.


If you don't see yourself on this list but think you should be on it, please email as soon as possible to ensure your check-in goes smoothly!

Current Count: 83/118 PCs

Updated 3/3/2020
Willem T
Carla F
Sean G
Rachel F
Kris S
Deanne N
Phillip P
Phillip S
Steve W
Daniel C
Alicia M
Glenn A
Warren S
Aaron E
Dartanian R
Jenna J
Hallie E
Heather F
Roxy S
Alex A
Zachary H
John F
Joseph H
Keegan G
Lizzie G
William D
Andrew S
Sam A
Austin J
Cami P
Ian P
Brent W
Dani D
Rachel F
Kris S
Deanne N
Craig W
Chris P
Miles H
Joseph M
Hayley B
Rick R
Jessica R
Denise B
Erik O
Ali B
Elizabeth H
Anna S
Kit B
Susanna L
Ben T
Kweenie T
Kimberly N
Zachary H
Jennifer K
Jordan M
Nicholas J
Michael B
Virginia O
Nathan B
Dylan N
Kyra Bet
Laura K
Cortni W
Bryan O
David M
Robert H
Cody H
Tessa B
Jacob B
Lizzie G
Preston H
Carrie R
Holly P
Nathan B
Andrew W
Dylan N
Kyra Bru
Tora E
Crystal E
Dan S
Dante A

Issues Have Arisen - Please Contact Logistics
Joseph M
Roxy S
David M

NPC Food
Catia P
Stephen P
Alyssa L
Head of Logistics Department
I can't edit my original post right now, but just as a heads up:

Joseph M - Issues have been resolved

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