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Gadget interactions 2
Hello Everyone,

I have some expanded questions on this topic.

Quote:Most quads and hexes use live-streaming video, but my understanding (prior to the inclusion of the skill) was that you didn't want live feed stuff. Is that still true?
I'll have to discuss this with Matt.

Any updates on this? If 'yes they are allowed' then the bottom questions apply.

- How would tags work on FPV drones? Example: Hubsan H107D FPV X4. This Drone has two items that need each other to work. The receiver displays the FPV and can save and playback that video. So would it be only one tag on the drone (like in another ruling for simpler RC) or since the receiver does so much extra that would be considered a second gadget?

Matt's been busy and now is in Cabo. We are having a rules meeting next week when he gets back. I'll update you then. Thanks.
Thank you for the update!
Hey Ron, when you bring up the point of headsets with Matt can you remember to discuss this as well?
Headsets will be considered part of the radio as long as they serve no other function beyond listening to and speaking into the radio.

You may use streaming video as long as you do not broadcast it publicly. Streaming video may be used for observation and monitoring. It may not be used for 2 or more way communication, since this would circumvent communications.

I hope that clears things up.

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