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Melee Weapons Clarification
This is a combination of an unanswered question in the original rules thread, and a new addition.

From John Pariury II:
Melee 1 allows "May use latex replica melee weapons that are a total of 2ft long or shorter."
However, the description of melee weapons indicates "Melee weapons must be 2 to 4 feet long."
Is it intended that melee 1 allows you a weapon of 2 feet, no more, no less?

In addition, I'd like to ask:
The rules state: "Uncored handles may be no more than ⅓ of the weapon’s length."
Is that 1/3 of the length, in ADDITION to the "Blade" Length, or of the TOTAL length?
IE: 2ft (24in) of blade, up to 8in additional uncored handle (32in total)
OR 8in Handle with 16in of striking surface (24in total)

Just to clear it up, here's all the possible numbers.
2ft Blade, 8in Handle -> 32in Total
3ft Blade, 12in Handle -> 48in Total
4ft Blade, 16in Handle -> 64in Total

2ft Total -> 8in Handle, 16in Blade
3ft Total -> 12in Handle, 24in Blade
4ft Total -> 16in Handle, 32in Blade
The lower end of that range will be corrected to allow for variation below exactly 2 feet, it's not meant to be quite that restrictive.

The total length is 2, 3, or 4 feet, so your second set of measurements is correct.
Thank you for the clarification!

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