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Allowed Shields
Shields are not mentioned under the weapon specs. The only mention of allowed shields is under the Path.

"This path allows you to use a boffer safe latex shield in combat."

What does this mean, precisely? Are we only allowed to use these two shields?
Both of these are out of stock everywhere I've looked. Also, that's a pretty meaty price cost on each.

Are we allowed to craft our own shields? If so, what are the rules that make it "Boffer Safe"? Are we looking for a no screws, does the front need to be foam, or just the edges? It's not expressly stated, but I feel as though there will be no shield bashing. (Perhaps this should be clarified as well).

If crafted shields are allowed, what size limit, if any, exists?
You are correct, there won't be any shield contact allowed in Spite. We totally need shield and weapon construction guidelines, it looks like that whole section was skipped over to get the rules out, probably because that's not really the part that we're worried about getting input on in the beta rules. The construction guidelines will be fairly familiar to Alliance/Oz/Shadow Accord/Dystopia Rising players, as all of those systems have related origins and that's just what we're used to playing with in the PNW.

The basics will be that anything that is likely to cause harm won't be allowed or needs to be padded enough that it isn't an issue. This will mean no protruding screws and padded edges like you suggest. Personally, I build shields entirely out of foam, but if you're the type of person that loves plywood/corrugated plastic/sled/Plexiglas shields, that shouldn't be a problem as long as it's build safely.

I've played with the riot shield you mentioned and don't have a problem with it, and while I think that the idea of hauling around a manhole cover is ridiculous, I haven't heard bad things about the other one, either. If you have the money, sure, but if you're looking to build something yourself, remember to make it safe.

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