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Energy Refresh Ideas
As a heavy Energy user (Psychic) I had some ideas on how to change the energy rules, so I thought I would throw them out there in the hopes that the rules team might see them and give them some consideration...

Extra Refreshes[u][/u]
One idea I had was automatic refreshes. Even in tabletop games, magic & psi powers often have an 'after sleep' refresh option.
example... 1 Refresh: Noon on Saturday
example... 2 Refreshes: Midnight / Midnight
example... 3 Refreshes: Midnight / Noon / Midnight

NPC Refreshes (This also helps generate more NPCS)
Just like you get 1xp for doing at least 1 NPC shift... how about refreshing energy when you go on say at least a 2 hour npc shift? Think of it as taking a really good nap, you go OOG, then come back with 1 refresh.
William Myers aka Cossak Symon Jenkins
Wait, how much are you refreshing? All of your En? That trivializes the usefulness of the counselor path entirely if you can get your energy back without using them more than once.

Getting XP for NPCing already incentives the work, and also, being an NPC is generally a lot of fun. Now characters with potentially high En use will be forced to NPC. I'm not sure that's appropriate. It would also allow a surgeon, who should rely on a nurse, to just go for it, blow all their En to get someone to full, and then just leave to NPC to get that back.

Resource scarcity, particularly of energy, is part of the design thus far. You can mitigate that in your build by getting vigor, knowing a counselor, and then also getting a backup, say firearms or melee 1 from jack of all trades. If your intention is to get all 5 psychic trees... I mean, its just not a viable specialization. There's a lot of tools with no longevity.

If the number of refreshes was increased at all, it should be through existing mechanisms. More lonely drinks, or more trips to the counselor.
(03-16-2015, 03:28 PM)Mr. F Wrote: Wait, how much are you refreshing? All of your En? That trivializes the usefulness of the counselor path entirely if you can get your energy back without using them more than once.

Mr F, you're welcome to your opinion. I bring this up because BOTH of the playtests have included issues on 'not enough Energy' fixes. This is merely my suggestion on ways the rules team can attempt to fix it.
William Myers aka Cossak Symon Jenkins
This is rules discussion after all. I'm offering a counter to your points, in part because I hold that opinion and I also want the rules team to see that. Energy economy is, by its nature, complex.

Why not just have 2x or 3x as much starting energy? It gives as much energy as your suggestions but still allows for the normal game time refresh. The trade off there is that there is a much higher burst potential for players vs a lower max with more refreshes.

I dont like the idea of one counselor visit every day, because that's a lot of counseling and it will be hard to maintain that amount of RP unless something really fucked up happens to your character.

I like the low energy because it encourages smart play, and good aim, but it could be that it is too punishing in the instance of a miss.
At the playtest, we tested out not losing En if you miss. I'm sure the rules gurus are going over their data on that
Wile E. Coyote
[Image: acme-logo.png]
subcontractor of Wartime Salvage
Hi everyone,

Before I get into this, I wish to remind everyone that our main form rule is "be nice". The rules discussion board is a place to freely share ideas and opinions. If it's posted publicly, then people will be able to comment on it. Thanks for your understanding. =)

On to the issue at hand. Matt and I are looking at some ways to mitigate the "not enough energy" issue. That being said, I wanted to bring up some game theory. What you experienced was a stress test, purposefully designed to drain all your resources. Spite is designed to be a very limited call system, which means a limited amount of energy. It's also designed so no one person is an island.

Combat is not the end all be all of Spite. Energy mainly interacts with combat and fixing the issues caused from combat. I can promise that Spite will have far more interactions and content beyond fighting. With immersion LARPing, you will find that the most rewarding part is the interactions and RP. If you are coming to Spite for the combat, only, then this might not be the game you are looking for.

Thank you for your feedback, it's been taken into consideration and you should see some slight changes to energy in the final edition.
As a remote reader of the rules, in general it seems like the theme is meant to support the idea that you generally shouldn't expect to go on every mission - basically, if you did four missions in a weekend, you were apparently super-duper busy and good at not getting damaged. It seems like the idea is maybe you do one or two missions an entire weekend, and the rest of the time you did "in-town" things; either rping with others not going on missions, maybe hacking some systems, maybe getting more info, greasing palms, or joining the Hive in order to get some action in.

It seems like the idea is that since everyone has very limited resources (En, Health), over the course of the weekend, everyone should be able to go on a mission; in systems where resources are plentiful, your ability to participate is predicated on knowing the right people. For Spite, it seems like your ability to participate in Mission 3 is largely predicated on not having gone on (and drained your resources in) Missions 1 & 2.
Love the idea of not expending EN if you miss the shot.
The problem we saw at the playtest with not expending En if you missed the shot was that it allowed people to really spam abilities very widely. There were a lot more calls than usual, which increases the noise level and can make it tough to tell what actually just hit you. On the other hand, we also tried "all missed abilities cost 1 En", which seemed to help with people's hesitance to use the more powerful abilities without leading to a ton of calls and ability spam.

I'm agnostic on 1 En for missing vs normal cost for missing, I think that JP is right that the scarcity of En will create more of a feeling of being pressured and will force players to reach out to other groups or independent players to fill out the number of people they need for a mission. This will create tension with the preference for factions to use their own people, hopefully creating good RP and drama opportunities.

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