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Path Expansion for more roleplaying
I'd like to say in advance, I'm not about to complain about the rules... they're turning out pretty good in playtest. But the playtest was about combat. I'd like to suggest expanding the paths with some non-combat roleplay options:

The biggest example I can see is in Telepathy...
R1: Remove Obey, R2: Obey(Drop Weapon/Ignore), R3: Obey (variety of combat commands)

Where is the mind reading? I'd love a "R2: Obey(Answer 1 question honestly), R3: Obey(Answer 3 questions honestly), etc

Heck, I wouldn't even mind if these powers had a negative effect on me. Lots of sci fi shows have a scene where the psychic reads the victims mind, then the psychic gets a nose bleed.

Not sure where you put it, but maybe some sort of interrogation type item... maybe under Brutality?

Merchant... maybe some sort of 'judge the value of this alien artifact' power?

Just thinking, that at very levels of a path, it could have a COMBAT and a NONCOMBAT aspect. I know it might complicate things a bit more, but as an old fat man, I'd rather not just be useful in combat. I doubt I'll be keeping up with all the 20 year olds screaming up the side of a hill.

Just my 2 cents worth... I hope that the rules group gives it some honest thought.

William Myers aka Cossak Symon Jenkins
Honestly, I love that there are no truth telling/memory affecting powers in spite. This allows for RP that's based on actual ability to get information from someone, rather than if they can resist an active power being their ability to withhold information. Guarding secrets is the ability of the player directly. I'm really excited about that.

As far as "judging the power" it could be a passive that lets a merchant read tag details, but I don't know why a merchant knows more about alien stuff than anyone else in the quarantine zone.

I like the idea of more RP powers in theory, but a lot of the RP will simply be what we make of it. Look at how many of the medic/surgeon/nurse/counselor/technician powers are "after RP." They exsist, just not within the combat trees as much.
In generally I'm a proponent of rules as a vehicle for dispute resolution rather than forcing certain types of RP. That said, I do like the idea of giving psychics more non-combat directed things to do. I don't know that "truth spells" are the answer, and a lot of "mind meld" type powers tend to get really out-of-game-y really quick, but I'm interested in hearing ideas for RP things to do that are either skill based (so they don't require calls, like Exims being able to move two bodies at once) or use the Obey or Sense mechanics.
I'd be open for suggestions, as well, but I will say that I won't put a rule in that circumvents RP. Spite is based on the WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) style of LARPing. This style isn't represented heavily in the NW but it's the type of game we are exploring. I want to encourage the role-playing side of LARP as much as humanly possible, so adding rules that "win" RP for you don't fit the theme of the system. The rules exist to resolve things that we can't resolve safely. Combat has a lot of rules so we aren't just running around hurting eachother. There are no social paths, since anyone can engage in the social game.

I do greatly appreciate all the feedback and we are actively writing a few more non-combat related skill paths that we hope will get everyone excited.
I've played a lot of other Larps that are more combat driven and have never needed a skill set to help me "win" in RP encounters. I"m not saying there isn't merit in building some non-combat benefit into some of the Paths, but I know more than a couple of people that will be playing that first weekend that will be very good examples of "playing the skills that are there without being spelled out". I don't want to get too much more into it, but I encourage everybody to just throw yourself into this world and Be who you are in it as much as you can, you won't regret it.

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