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Looking for character ties
UPDATE: I think this is sorted! Thanks!!


I just now noticed the forums and figured I'd give this a shot, I'll probably post to Facebook as well in hopes of it seeing as many eyes as possible.

TL;DR would any RAID-affiliated people like to own a robutt?

Longer version: I love the idea of playing a brand-spanking-new noncombatant android who knows EEEEEVERYTHIIIING and acts as an assistant/infobank/mobile wikipedia for another player. I have very little planned besides that and would love to find an "owner" and work out details so the robot can be tailor-made for what your character would ICly purchase/build/be assigned by their higherups. The only catch is that I would really REALLY like to be with RAID for kind of the "feel" I'd like to try and hit. Big Grin

Let me know!
Are you looking to be used in a RAID-specifc capacity, or simply have RAID as your Group, while being on loan to another Group (Military, Agency, etc.)? I know that Zeta Team could CERTAINLY use that kind of know-how and knowledge, and we'd HAPPILY pay you credits (or motor oil) for the privilege. Since you wouldn't actually need credits, you could save them for later or pay them to RAID. Basically, it would work that RAID custom-built you for Zeta Team to rent.
LOL, motor oil. I'm so here for robot jokes.

Um! Well, I don't know! I don't have much of a backstory written out so I'm pretty flexible I suppose. I'm trying to think of something that I think would be interesting to portray? I'm not really into the beat-em-up pow pow shooty parts of LARP, so I've been trying to avoid tying myself to military stuff? I liked RAID because it sounded like they were more focused on figuring out tech/maybe RP type stuff/maybe puzzles? Also I love the kind of ambiguously-evil-large-corporation thing.

I guess the ideal would be to hang out with someone playing a RAID scientist and say they built my robot because that would be cool as hell. Alternately, robot got given to them as equipment for whatever mission they're doing? I'm definitely thinking of the character, in my head, as more of an object than a person.

I guess if the concept sounds interesting let's talk anyway!
We would be using you as a brain and technical support, never in danger. Plus, we'd be utilizing you for the mutual support for other groups as well. Because you were built by RAID for us, who knows what poison pill they may have stuck in your programing, that rears it's head later...?

Indeed, your character could become a vital plot point, not unlike the androids in the "Alien/Aliens" series. I have just the player to have built you, as well: Paul Vorvick is one of few players (maybe the only one) who are actually playing RAID group, as opposed to Red River.
IIII'M interested I'll PM you c:

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